Summer in Piemonte, Italia.


Torino-Turin, the capital of Piemonte, is my current home.  Deep in the north west of the country, this area has an incredible amount to offer yet rarely visited by tourists outside of Italy.

Home of the 2006 Olympic Winter Games, Turin has a 270 degree view of the alps. The playground for outdoor sports is endless. The wine is world famous. The food is of course fantastic, with many regional unique experiences. And each valley is famous for a different style of cheese…and I love cheese!

There are also a surprising amount of world famous museums in Turin. Most notably, the Egypt Museum which hosts the second largest amount of ancient egyptian artifacts after Cairo, and the Cinema Museum inside the Mole Antonelliana. The point being, this area is rich in history and stunningly beautiful. Even elephants crossed over the alps to get here once! Hidden behind the industrial persona of Fiat and Nutella, this region has much to offer.

Back to the photographs. These were taken around Piemonte with my Olympis EPL-5.

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