Last-minute 10-day road trip adventure in Iceland. The ‘land of fire and ice’ couldn’t describe it better -it’s a land of volcanoes, lava fieldsand ice – due to its extreme proximity to the arctic circle.

We did the majority of our sleeping and eating in a VW Polo (for all North Americans, it’s smaller than a golf). I can successfully say that it is possible for someone clocking in at 5’9″/175cms to (almost) fully extend in a Polo/Golf. Our hygiene was maintained at normal standards thanks to Iceland’s abundance of geothermal activity and countless hot pools. The one negative to enjoying natural geothermal pools is that my bathing suit and towel still smell like sulphur.

The weather was interesting, ranging from seasonal averages of -8 to an extreme wind storm which then brought warm weather conditions for the second half of the trip. 10 degrees at the end of November at 64 degrees latitude? We were lucky.

Olympus EPL-5.

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