Greece 2015.

Stephan and I spent two weeks in Greece in May. We spent the first week sailing around the Cyclades with his family and the second camping long the Peloponnese on our own.

The sea was relatively calm for the sail trip, but we still tried to learn the ways of the sea and sail from the more experienced sailors on the boat, while hoping between bays and islands written about in ancient history. It was pretty special. Oh, and I got to spend my birthday sailing. What a treat!

While we had no intentions of being in the mountains and hiking, somehow the mountains found us the second week. After just having gotten over our sea legs, we explored the wild Peloponnese peninsula. One of our hikes was beautiful but a gruelling 32 kms including fields of thistles, sights of snow, hidden forest monasteries, and deserted towns

I didn’t take as many photos as I would have liked to since my camera was having some problems, but here are a few.

All photos are taken with:

Olympus EPL-5 and Sony Cybershot

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