Piemonte Mountains and Towns.

Here is a collection of photos from various hikes completed in Piemonte, Italy. Hiking a new mountain in a new area is the perfect medicine after a week of work. To top it off, a quick stop in a mountain town on the way home for a cafe, panino, or purchasing cheese from the local farmers makes a hike all the more memorable.

From Rocciamelone, Monviso, alpi maritime around Cuneo and Liguria, Parque Nazionale del Gran Paradiso, Tredici Laghi, and the list continues. This region is beautiful, and the people of these mountain regions are warm in spirit and heart, and have fascinating stories they can share with you for days. I wish I would have taken my camera with me more often, or taken more photos – but here are a bunch of mix n match ones.

I added a few ski shots at the end, because hiking turns to skiing in the winter!

This new post could also be titled – Boy in Mountains, since the majority of my shots seem to be of one boy, in the mountains.

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